Our Story

I am finally here launching Tulasi Pickles - Homemade authentic Telugu foods. After months of research and hard work I am sure that all the Pickles will taste great and will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

My name is Tulasi. Born and brought up in Bhimavaram, married to a Hyderabadi and a mother for two beautiful kids.

I always dreamt about launching my own business. But clueless on how I can start and manage with my kids.

Thanks to my hubby and friends who saw the cooking talent in me and encouraged me to start Tulasi Pickles.

I am sure you will like the taste and quality of the pickles coming from Tulasi Pickles.

Please make sure you let me know your feedback about Tulasi Pickles. Which will help me to improve and make Tulasi Pickles the best in class.

I'm not a chef. But I'm passionate about food - the tradition of it, cooking it, and sharing it. - Zac Posen

This quote inspired me a lot. As it says I am passionate about food and the tradition of it. The story it tells and the goodness of great joy it gets to all of us.


Tulasi Muddasi


What our customers say about Tulasi Pickles

I brought non veg pickels here .. it is soooooo yummy and long lasting .

Best quality seen 👌 worth for money . Superb keep it up ...all the best 👍 

Sujana Gajula

 I have tasted almost all veg pickles from Tulasi Pickles. Love the taste. 

My favorite ones are Garlic, Papaya, Drumsticks and Bitter Gourd.

I know Tulasi garu personally and I have seen her dedication and hard work in bringing Tulasi Pickles to us.

All the very best.


Our Chefs

Tulasi Muddasi

Tulasi Muddasi

Master chef(Tulasi Pickles)
The power behind Tulasi Pickles.